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Things we want
Gargoyle House

BoyZilla has stated, several times, that he really likes the rooms in Dalaran. He would love to have his ceiling/walls look like THIS. Yes, that's going to be quite a project, but it will be paint - we're not going to add stonework. It'll be faux. Hopefully, we can start working on it before the end of this summer.

We've discussed doing Horde/Alliance bathrooms. Thankfully, Dalaran's got some nice imagery. Chrono and I want to use the stained glass design at the Silver Covenant entrance for the two windows that flank the medicine cabinet. Sure, we'll be modifying it to suit the rectangular openings, but we might keep the disc itself as round. I like the Alliance Banner treatment they use, too. I might do something like that for the floor mosaic.

Part of me wants to go ahead and make the hallway look like a Dalaran hallway. I rather like that design - it's very middle-eastern.

Yeah, it's going to be a very World of Warcraft-y house.

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