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Roofing starts today. In theory.
Gargoyle House

As I type this, there's a light drizzle. It's too much to be an aggressive fog, but not quite enough to be more than a "light" drizzle. It's supposed to clear up before noon, but we'll see. Mr. Rivas told Chrono that they'll be there today, but that was before the forecast had more rain in it. Chrono's at the house as I type this, as they're scheduled to arrive between 7:30am and 9am.

Rivas Roofing did my mother-in-law's house in 2003, and we're all very happy with the job they did. Chrono and I met with Mr. Rivas at the end of September to get an estimate and select shingles, and found him to be a pleasant, professional, down-to-earth guy.

If all goes well, on Wednesday, the stanchions will be installed for the solar array (from Run On Sun). Roofing demo today, sheathing tomorrow, stanchions Wednesday, shingles Thursday. After we get the electrical dealt with and the panel upgraded to at least 200Kw (I could be in error on Kw... it has to be able to handle at least twice the capacity it's currently at. I don't pretend to be an electrician), the panels will get put on the roof and the micro-inverters linked into the panel.

I'm so excited! EEE!

Aaaaand, roofing called on account of rain. Again. Maybe tomorrow.


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